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The Finer Details

Terms and Conditions for Companionship Appointments by Anna Karenina

1. Definitions

   a. "Anna Karenina" refers to the individual providing the companionship appointments.

   b. "Client" refers to the individual seeking and paying for companionship appointments.

   c. "Appointment" refers to the arranged booking time with Anna Karenina for the provision of companionship appointments.


2. Age Restriction

   a. The client must be at least 18 years old to avail themselves of the companionship appointments.


3. Privacy and Confidentiality

   a. Both the client and Anna Karenina agree to respect each other's privacy and maintain strict confidentiality regarding any personal information shared during the course of the appointment.


4. Safety and Boundaries

   a. Anna Karenina reserves the right to refuse or terminate an appointment, with no refunds, if the client behaves inappropriately, disrespectfully, or engages in any form of abusive or non-consensual behaviour.

   b. Furthermore, Anna Karenina retains the right to refuse or terminate an appointment if there is a reasonable suspicion that the client has a contagious disease or illness. In addition, Anna Karenina reserves the right to refuse or terminate an appointment if the client demonstrates poor hygiene, is heavily intoxicated, or is under the influence of drugs. 

5. Financial Arrangements

   a. The client agrees to pay Anna Karenina's fee in full and at the beginning of the appointment.

   b. Any additional expenses incurred during the appointment, such as meals, transportation, or accommodations, shall be borne by the client.


6. Deposit Policy:

   a. A deposit is compulsory for all bookings to be confirmed. Without a deposit, the appointment will not be considered confirmed.

   b. The deposit amount and the payment method will be communicated to the client during the booking process.


7. Cancellation Policy

   a. Deposits are non-refundable unless a cancellation occurs with a minimum notice period of 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time.

   b. In the event of a cancellation made within the specified notice period, the deposit may be applied towards a future appointment rescheduled within a reasonable timeframe.

   c. If the client fails to cancel the appointment within the required notice period or doesn't show up for the appointment, the deposit will be forfeited.

   d. Repeated cancellations may result in requiring full prepayment for all future bookings.


8. Lateness Policy

   a. It is the client's responsibility to ensure punctuality and arrive on time for the scheduled appointment.

   b. The client acknowledges that any delays caused by traffic or unforeseen circumstances are their sole responsibility, and Anna Karenina shall not be liable for any resulting inconveniences.

   c. If the client anticipates being late for a scheduled appointment, it is their responsibility to notify Anna Karenina as soon as possible. Anna Karenina will make reasonable efforts to accommodate the revised time, subject to her availability.

   d. If the client arrives late for a scheduled appointment without prior notification, the appointment start time will remain unchanged, and the duration of the appointment will not be extended.


9. Rescheduling

   a. If the client is unable to attend a scheduled appointment due to unforeseen circumstances, they should promptly inform Anna Karenina to discuss the possibility of rescheduling or cancelling the appointment.

   b. Anna Karenina retains the right to apply her cancellation policy.


10. Exceptional Circumstances

   a. In exceptional circumstances, such as emergencies or unforeseen events that prevent the client from notifying Anna Karenina of their lateness or no-show, Anna Karenina may exercise discretion and make reasonable efforts to accommodate the client, provided such accommodation does not conflict with her prior commitments or personal boundaries.


11. Cancellation by Anna Karenina

   a. In the event that Anna Karenina needs to cancel a scheduled appointment, the following policy applies:

 b. The client will have the choice to either:

      i. Reschedule: Anna Karenina will offer the client the opportunity to keep their deposit and reschedule the appointment for a mutually agreed-upon date and time within a reasonable timeframe.

      ii. Refund: If rescheduling is not possible or the client prefers a refund, Anna Karenina will provide a full refund of the deposit paid by the client.


12. Liability for External Bookings

   a. Anna Karenina shall not be held liable or accountable for any external bookings made by the client, including but not limited to hotel reservations, airfare, or transportation arrangements.

   b. Any costs or liabilities associated with such bookings remain the sole responsibility of the client.

   c. In the event of a cancellation by Anna Karenina, the client is advised to contact the respective service providers directly to address any cancellation or refund inquiries related to their external bookings.


13. Extended Date Policy

   a. An extended date refers to a booking that exceeds 12 hours in duration.

   b. Anna Karenina requires a minimum of eight hours of uninterrupted sleep per day during an extended date.

   c. Anna Karenina reserves the right to allocate up to two hours per day for personal time, which may include exercise or self-care.

 d. Anna Karenina retains the right to decline any activity or entertainment option that conflicts with her personal boundaries, comfort, or safety.


14. Outcalls to Private Residences

   a. The decision to offer outcall services to private residences is at the discretion of Anna Karenina.

   b. If Anna Karenina agrees to provide services at a private residence for first-time clients, a verification process will be required.


15. Verification Requirements

   a. For first-time clients requesting an outcall to a private residence, Anna Karenina requires the client to provide some form of identification for verification purposes.

   b. Acceptable forms of identification include a government-issued ID (such as driver's license), which must display the intended address of the private residence. Both the front and back of the ID may be submitted.

   c. For privacy and security, the client is allowed to black out any sensitive information or ID numbers on the submitted identification.

   d. Alternatively, a LinkedIn profile can be used as part of the verification process. The client may provide Anna Karenina with a link to their LinkedIn profile and send an email directly to Anna Karenina from the email address listed on their LinkedIn profile.


16. Confidentiality and Data Protection

   a. Anna Karenina is committed to maintaining the confidentiality and security of the client's personal information provided for verification purposes.

   b. Once the client's verification is completed, the provided identification and any associated emails or data will be securely disposed of and not retained for future use.


17. Limitation of Liability:

  a. Anna Karenina shall not be held liable for any damages, injuries, losses, or claims arising out of or related to the companionship appointment.

By engaging in any form of communication or booking an appointment, the client confirms that they have read, understood, and agreed to these Terms and Conditions for Companionship Appointments by Anna Karenina.


2023-05-17 15:16:00. Copyright Notice: These terms and conditions, as outlined above, are the intellectual property of Anna Karenina. They are protected by copyright laws and are intended solely for the use of clients engaging in companionship appointments with Anna Karenina. Unauthorised use, reproduction, or distribution of these terms and conditions by other providers, agencies or individuals is strictly prohibited.

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