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Get To Know Me

Confident, intellectual and charming, I maintain high elegance and professionalism in everything I do.
Below, discover the key facets that define me. 


Alongside being bilingual, I am highly educated, with a Bachelor's Degree and a previous corporate career.

Due to my dedicated and driven nature, I am also pursuing another career path concurrently.  


anna karenina
anna karenina model


I am health conscious and enjoy keeping active. I am particularly interested in Yin Yoga, which I have practised for five years.

I also enjoy cooking, hiking, practising golf and learning about scientific innovations.

Interests and Hobbies 


I have travelled to over 20 countries, and as I thrive on adventure, I have undertaken daring activities such as skydiving, diving and abseiling.

From my travels, I developed a special interest in nature conservation and volunteering.


model in garden with clevage


I profoundly appreciate good food. My favourite cuisines are Japanese, Italian, Seafood and Modern Australian.

 I do not actively consume alcohol, but I am open to enjoying a drink on special occasions.  

Epicurean Pleasures


Having grown up performing ballet gave me an appreciation for the arts.

I am captivated by opera, musicals, concerts and stand-up comedy shows. I especially enjoy Abstract and Minimalism art and frequent visits to exhibitions. 

The Love of Art

model side profile closeup

Curiosities and Passions

I am a Formula One enthusiast.

My favourite artists are Kandinsky, Malevich and Kusama.

I have performed piano professionally.

My favourite authors are Dostoevsky, Tolstoy and Dickens.

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